HSC Training

HSC’s are an integral part of managing any workplace’s safety and taking the time to correctly set up the Committee with trained members, a ‘Terms of Reference’ and an appropriate agenda will allow your committee to run efficiently and effectively.  This workshop based training will allow your committee to to establish or review their Terms of Reference and Agenda.

If your committee has lost its focus or has items sitting on the agenda month after month this training course will really benefit your organisation.

Who should attend?

All members of the HSC

Learning outcomes

  1. Overview of the WHS Committees legal requirements and the roles of the members;
  2. Establishing a Terms of Reference;
  3. Setting up an appropriate Agenda;
  4. Determining a range of Positive Performance Measures to gauge the success of the WHS Committee.


Half Day (4 hours)


No formal assessments will be undertaken for this course.


This course is not a public course hence training is conducted at workplaces.

Please Contact us on 0407 808 145 or email enquiry@astgroup.com.au for more details.

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