Most organisations use contractors but few understand their own WHS obligations when engaging them.  Under the eyes of the law, they are your employees and you have an obligation to provide them with a safe workplace.  Thus, just a tiny induction is not sufficient for this profile. We try to understand the contractor- employer relationship in depth; then try to figure out possible solutions for the commitment mismatch or the communication gap between the two.

We Develop: we strive to work out a contract management system, in accordance to the management style of the company, key stakeholder opinions and the state of contracting practices in operation at the moment. Our role is comprehensive and we can attend the safety meetings on your behalf.  In addition to understanding the workings of your maintenance teams. Be it initial procuring process or the end – contractor review, we will not leave your side. We actively pursue the commitment to get a grip on the management process of your company.

We Implement: what good is a plan on paper, if it is not executed well?  We help implement the practices in contractor management by training and guiding the stakeholders and help set up the infrastructure to keep the process running smoothly.

We Evaluate: we also help in assessing the work done in the field and give feedback that helps communication and better performance.

We Review: we can help you by reviewing the processes you have in place and their effectiveness in the larger perspective. The overall WHS management of your company will benefit with the periodic analysis of the work done and the places to improve on the contractor management system.

We assist clients with this technical implication.

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