Risk Management should be a compulsory part of every organisation strategic goals and is needed to ensure the health and safety of employees at the workplace.  Risk assessments form a complimentary part of hazard management, whereby employers need to assess the risk level of the hazards identified so that they may take proper control measures.

Who should attend?

Managers and Supervisors responsible for the management of safety in the workplace.  Health & Safety Representatives and other staff members can also benefit.

Learning outcomes

This training course equips staff involved with the skills and knowledge to properly and confidently:

  1. Identify workplace hazards, the very first step of hazard management.
  2. Assessment of risks associated with the identified hazards.
  3. Identification, development and implementation of appropriate risk controls, to avoid occurrence of mishaps.
  4. Utilising effective consultation strategies with key stakeholders during the whole process.
  5. Reviewing of risk control strategies to ensure on-going effectiveness and compliance.


The course can be covered in a half day workshop and can be customised to your needs.


No formal assessments will be undertaken for this course.


This is not a public course hence training is conducted at the workplace itself.

Please Contact us on 0407 808 145  or email enquiry@astgroup.com.au for more details.