Safety monitoring should be made an integral part of every company as it addresses the very well-known proverb ‘a stitch in time saves nine’. Without keeping an eye on the working processes acting as control measures to potential risk factors, might lead to havoc in the future and the inclusion of hazard management system would be in vain.

How can we help you with it?

We at AST Group have designed effective plans and tools that not only evaluate the risk exposer but also provide the company with regular step- by- step instructions which are based on your industry to reduce your risk.

Our WH&S safety monitoring system is fully compliant with the new National Work Health & Safety Regulations and legislation (Harmonisation), which are effective from 2012. Also the system is in compliance with every state and territory’s legislation and we keep updating the system regularly to accommodate any changes in the WH&S Laws.

We employ a real person dedicated to your company who manages all of your company’s WH&S data-online. You (or your delegated staff member) are provided with a monthly “to-do” checklist, and the results of your actions are recorded online every month for on-going Workcover/WorkSafe compliance. You can produce updated reports for management and/or Workcover at any time.Simple, regular and systematic, the system will smoothly heed to your safety needs

With reasonable price and good track record at been successfully providing monitoring services, the WH&S monitoring system can be up and running within days to business houses subscribing it.