What is safety auditing?

Safety auditing is an independent examination of the safety measures taken by a company to control hazards and manage risks and assess whether the measures taken conform to set standards or not.And drawing up reports on what corrective measures are to be taken.

Why is it significant?

Often what an organisation thinks they are doing is different to what is actually happening. Safety Auditing identifies non compliances and reduces potential risks before harm is done.

What we do?

We conduct safety audit across all industries, big or small, whether it be against the criteria of AS/NZS 4801, the Australian and New Zealand standard for OHS or the National Audit Tool (NAT). We provide services to small businesses also who require third party evidence that it is complying with safety laws.

How can we assist you?

  1. We develop audit tools that you can use in house to complement your safety management systems.
  2. We, as a third party, conduct audits of your safety management System or individual components i.e. Hazardous Substances/ Dangerous Goods/ Plant/ Manual Handling/ Fall Prevention (i.e. work from heights).
  3. Can provide training to your employees on how to conduct safety auditing so that you may save dollars in an external consultancy like us every time.
  4. We conduct audits and prepare reports which are necessary for your due diligence if your company is merging with or acquiring an external company.
  5. If you are a large organisation using numerous contractors at multiple sites, and as part of your Safety due diligence, if you need an auditing, we provide our services to you.

For more help email us at enquiry@astgroup.com.au and contact us on 03 8648 6815.