What is WHS risk management?

With the implementation of technology in most firms, risk management has become a vital point to consider, it minimises accidents and workplace hazards by including controls that keep risks at check. Employees’ health is directly related to safety risk management. Every organisation has a social and legal responsibility towards protecting these aspects.

What we do?

We think risk management should involve a clear picture of the scenario from all available resources. So our team of safety and risk managers facilitate the risk management process with all the key stakeholders in your organisation and provide you solutions from within the available knowledge base. Working with our clients everytime, also helps us to gain newer experience and knowledge that we share back with our workgroups. This way we have been growing into a stronger and highly competent team with widespread expertise.

How can we assist you?

  1. For all new start-ups with little or no idea about safety and risk management, we help you to do an assessment over which elements are the possible risk factors for your organisation and what exactly you need to do to control them.
  2. If you are acquiring/merging with an existing business and part of your safety diligence due checks require a third party risk assessment report, we are there to help.
  3. If you do not have a Workplace Health & Safety Plan or need to revisit your current one we can assist.
  4. We organise the manual handling/plant/hazardous substances/ dangerous good/ stress/ confined spaces/ falls prevention risk assessments with your key stakeholders.
  5. We support you with WHS risk management professionals who support your plant or firm as per the law that states ’employ or engage persons who are suitably qualified in relation to occupational health and safety to provide advice to the employer concerning health and safety of employees of the employer Victorian OHS Act 2004.’


These are just some examples of what we can do, please contact us on 03 8648 6815 or email: enquiry@astgroup.com.au