Return to Work/ Worker’s compensation

Your workers are your company’s resource and assets. So it is your moral responsibility, which is also a legal obligation, to bring back injured employees to work safely and as soon as possible. However often the RTW co-ordinators you employ among your regular employees may lack training and don’t know exactly how to manage this process or what questions to ask of your insurer.

What we can do?

We at AST Group will assist you in all your Return to work/ worker compensation tasks. Our network of associates have worked as RTW Co-ordinators, Occupational Therapists and Insurer Case Managers (Allianz, Gallagher Bassett, CGU).  This knowledge base gives us the expertise and experience to successfully bring injured employees back to work.

How can we assist you?

  1. We provide consultancy services to RTW Co-ordinators who at the same time manage Payroll/ Human resources etc. successful but lacks expertise in RTW management.
  2. With its good track record and long experience, the AST group can look after your RTW management successfully at a crisis time when you are expecting an increasing number of worker compensation claims.
  3. We provide training to Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders on actions to take at initial stages of the occurrence of injuries. This gives you the best opportunity to return the worker back to work in a sustainable manner.  If everyone follows the injury management process from the moment they become aware of the injury, a better result will be achieved.

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